Increase your efficiency by 5 times!

More orders. Much more effective digital marketing. Incredibly fast expanding customer database. New level of service and management tools

  • 3 times more Orders

    Features of technology leads to a significant increase in orders

  • Fast expansion of the Customer Database

    Each user, that launched the bot, is automatically added to the customer database

  • A 200% increase in Marketing Effectiveness

    Digital marketing spending will decrease several times due to higher conversion rate

  • Much higher Satisfaction

    Bot is a super-employee. Works around the clock and meets 95% of customers needs

How the Bot works?

Bot serves customers automatically in chat apps: Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram and Viber (soon), on behalf of the restaurant

  • Messenger


  • Whatsapp


  • Viber


  • Telegram


  • Bot provides information about the restaurant, takes table & event booking, delivery & takeaway orders.
  • Bot manages the customer club by notifying about special events and deals, congratulating your customers on their birthday and much more.
  • Bot provides a new, highly personalized level of service due to the individual approach to each client.
  • Bot communicates in English, Russian and Hebrew. And very soon he will know even more languages!

Bot – Super Tool

Websites, applications, emails, calls and SMS are no longer needed. The BOT will do everything!

No need to downloadAbleUnableAble
All types of devicesAbleUnableAble
No need registrationAbleUnableUnable
Orders with paymentAbleAbleAbleAble
Real time order statusAbleAbleUnable
Book table/eventAbleAbleAbleAble
Users Data GrabberAbleUnableUnable
Advertising DistributionAbleUnableUnableAbleAble
Push notificationsAbleAbleUnableAble
Boss ControlAbleAbleUnable

Main Bot functions

  1. Information about the restaurant
  2. Table/Event booking
  3. Delivery/Takeaway
  4. Customer Club
  5. Orders history
  6. Customer survey
  7. Feedback service
  8. Push messages
  9. Analytics
  10. Boss control


About Us

MunchBot company is one of the pioneers in development of ChatBot technology and adaptation for restaurant and delivery businesses

We are confident that the chat bots will gain a substantial place in the modern business world and we are focused on creating the best bot for restaurants and their customers.

MunchBot will provide each restaurant with new technological capabilities that surpass in convenience and simplicity everything that was before.

MunchBot will improve the communication process between restaurants and customers. Will raise the control and customer services to a new high level.

MunchBot will help the restaurants to evolve actively, without unnecessary investment in marketing and without extra costs for many unmerged management & marketing softwares.

We will be happy to cooperate,
MunchBot Team

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